Ike to Minors

Welcome to the Harvey and Niese show Mets fans!

After 14 games Matt Harvey and Jon Niese have accounted for 71% of the Mets’ wins thus far. After only 14 games we can say that the future of the top of the Mets’ rotation is in good hands. The number 1 and 2 spots are solidified, ensconced and etched in stone. The 3 to 5 starters, the outfield and the bull pen… now that’s another question.

If Mr. Wheeler proves to be half of what Mr. Harvey has been the Mets will have the 3rd  spot filled in the rotation as well. However, the Mets need some serious help in the bullpen, and quick, if they want to keep up the 71% winning clip that #1 & #2 are enjoying unless they can both pitch shutouts and hit a home run in each game they pitch.

The offence has been a pleasant surprise except for Mr. Davis, which is of dire concern. Ike Davis has got to get sorted in the Minors. This Mets team cannot afford to let him straighten out his hitting struggles in the Majors. They need productive hitters, especially a clean up hitter that can at least make contact with the ball!

Here are just a few of Davis’ woeful numbers after hitting in 13 games with 48 ABs; .146 BA, 3 RBIs, 13 SO, .192 BA w/runners on base, .063 BA with 2 outs, .188 BA with 1 out, .000 BA with a 3-1 count, .000 BA in the 9th inning or later, .116 BA batting clean up. The numbers speak for themselves. There is nothing redeeming about Davis’ hitting!

Yes, last year he hit 32 home runs, but most of those came in the second half of the season when the Mets were well and truly out of any kind of race. Davis has not proven that he can hit in the clutch, hit the big home run when needed, hit at all! What is he doing in the clean up spot with a .146 BA!! Jason Bay was run out of town with a .166 BA. Why are we happy with a guy batting .146 in the clean up spot? Why are we happy with him at all? In the last 4 years Davis has not proven that he is a big league player.

If Alderson wants to keep Davis in the Majors he should be hitting him 7th or below, at least he’s batting .250 in the 7 hole. It is so frustrating watching him squat in that ridiculous stance trying to reach the outside slider and missing over and over and over again! He has to get his hitting woes sorted in the Minors. Wake up Alderson! We don’t want another Dave Kingman who either strikes out or hits a home run when the game is out of reach.



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