Baseball Trivia Question #2

Who are 4 players in MLB history that have hit 30 home runs or more and have struck out fewer than 30 times in a single season?

Good Luck, no cheating and that means not using primary sources too!

Hint: They are 4 different players.

Thanks to JC for sending in the question.

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3 comments on “Baseball Trivia Question #2

  1. metsfaninparadise on said:

    Don’t know what you consider a primary source, but no one carries around in their head year by year strikeout totals for sluggers, so I’ll admit freely that I used AN encyclopedia, but I still had to figure out for myself which players to look up, so I’m happy with my entry:

    1929 Lefty O’Doul, Cubs–32/19 (led the league with .398)
    1939 Joe DiMaggio—30/2o (.381 led league)
    1941 Joe DiMaggio—30/13 (won MVP)
    1941 Ted Williams—37/27 (we know what he did)
    1952 Yogi Berra—–30/24
    1956 Yogi Berra—–30/29

  2. I could only get DiMaggio and Berra. When I thought of other possibilities, I did look up to check, but all my guesses were wrong. Way wrong in fact. Oh well.

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