Baseball Trivia Question #1

Who are the 9 players that have won back to back MVP awards? Hint: there is a player at every position and there are actually 2 players that have won back to back MVP awards twice so there are actually 11 back to back MVP winners. Good luck!


BUT FIRST, My apologies for an incorrect hint. The hint should have stated, “there are two positions that have more than one player with back to back MVP wins.”

  1. Pitcher – Hal Newhouser – Detroit Tigers – MVP 1944 & 1945;
  2. Catcher – Yogi Berra – New York Yankees – 1955 & 1956;
  3. First base – Jimmie Foxx – Philadelphia A’s – 1932 & 1933 and Frank Thomas – Chicago White Sox – 1993 & 1994 and Albert Pujols – St. Louis Cardinals 2008 & 2009
  4. Second base – Joe Morgan – Cincinnati Reds – 1975 & 1976;
  5. Third base – Mike Schmidt – Philadelphia Phillies – 1980 & 1981;
  6. Shortstop – Ernie Banks – Chicago Cubs – 1958 & 1959;
  7. Left field  – Barry Bonds – Pittsburgh Pirates & San Francisco Giants – 1992 & 1993, respectively and San Francisco Giants 2001 to 2001;
  8. Center field – Mickey Mantle – New York Yankees – 1956 & 1957 and Dale Murphy – Atlanta Braves – 1982 – 1983;
  9. Right field – Roger Maris – New York Yankees – 1960 & 1961.

Thanks for playing. Watch out for the next trivia question! 


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9 comments on “Baseball Trivia Question #1

  1. metsfaninparadise on said:

    “there are actually 2 players that have won back to back MVP awards twice .” This is incorrect. Only Barry Bonds has won more than 3 MVPs, so he is the only one to have won them back-to-back twice.
    C Berra 1954- 55
    1B Foxx 32-33
    1B F Thomas 93-94
    1B Pujols 2008-9
    2B Morgan 75-76
    SS banks 58-59
    3B Schmidt 80-81
    OF Bonds 92-93, 2001-4 (and 1990)
    OF Mantle 56-57
    OF Dale Murphy 82-83
    OF Maris 60-61
    P Newhouser 44-45
    12 total players

  2. Here’s my answer:

    Dale Murphy
    Frank Thomas
    Barry Bonds (twice)
    Alex Rodriquez (twice)
    Roger Maris
    Mike Schmidt
    Joe Morgan
    Joe DiMaggio
    Mickey Mantle

    I’m reasonably confident on the first seven. Mantle and DiMaggio are educated guesses made with a Yankee bias. Others I considered were Ted Williams, Sammy Sosa and Albert Pujols.

    • metsfaninparadise on said:

      There’s no need to guess when all the info is easy to find online. A Rod won in 2005 and 2007, never back to back.

      • Yes, but it’s fun testing one’s knowledge.

        • Yes, I thought the point was to test one’s memory and knowledge, not one’s ability to Google. Ernie Banks came into my head as a SS option once I saw the comment re A-Rod. But I didn’t get those others. I thought the catcher might be Bench, but apparently not. I will await the final response from the quiz master.

  3. metsfaninparadise on said:

    Of course I test my own knowledge first, but before I post an answer I make sure I’ve got it right, even if it involves a little research. I think readers are more interested in seeing the correct answer than in seeing how limited other peoples’ baseball knowledge is.

    • metsfaninparadise on said:

      In my profession it’s impossible to have all the answers so my strategy is to know where to find them quickly and accurately. And not Google, but primary sources. Search engines throw up a lot of crap.

  4. Well, fair enough. I thought my answer was quite respectable though given it was entirely memory. Not too far wrong. I admit I should have read the question properly though, as I missed the part about one at every position. Would never have thought of Newhouser as the pitcher, that’s for sure. Nothing like baseball trivia to generate discussion!

  5. metsfaninparadise on said:

    Trivia is fun. As they say on 1 TV show, more likely to start arguments than end them.

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